Why Does My Cat Spray?

Spraying is something that cats do naturally as a means of communicating with other felines. As strange as it seems, it is true! Although cat spraying is sometimes caused by underlying health conditions, it is oftentimes nothing of concern. Of course, when a cat sprays indoors, there is a big problem because you cannot and will not have urine stains all around your home, nor the accumulating odor.

cat spraying

Both male and female cats can spray. Some people think that it is limited only to females when they are in heat to signal their mate. While this is one reason that a cat sprays, it is definitely not the sole reason. Spraying creates a scent that tells others that it is his territory and to tread carefully. Sometimes spraying is done as a way to create a bond with a owner, and is common when they are at home less often or when schedule changes take place.

If your cat spraying indoors is becoming a big nuisance, you probably want a solution as quickly as you can get it. Is it necessary to take your cat to the doctor to address the spraying issues? Should you purchase a product at the local pet store to stop this from happening? What should be done about cat spraying?

Taking your pet to the veterinarian may be beneficial if you suspect that the spraying is in excess or if the cat won’t stop. You can also have your cat spayed or neutered. This oftentimes stops the spraying behavior all together in male cats and females, too. Don’t scold your cat for spraying because it is, to them, a natural means of communicating with one another. Be patient, give your cat lots of TLC, and take him or her to the vet if necessary.